"Bad Girls Throughout History" Press

Bad Girls Throughout History is here! Writing a book is such a funny thing; books take about a year from final manuscript to release, so I've been sitting here for about 12 months waiting to share this with all of you. I've read and re-read the manuscript at least two dozen times, reviewing it with about a dozen different editors, copyeditors, and designers. Do you ever have that experience where words start to look spelled wrong because you've looked at it so many times? And then a year later – it's out in the world and you hope for the best and it's time to talk about it all again!

Thankfully, Bad Girls Throughout History has been received with such welcome arms. I'm honored to be interviewed and covered in so many exciting places, and I wanted to share a list here of all the interviews and press we've been getting for the book. It's fun to get to share some of the behind-the-scenes process with you through these interviews!

It was first featured here under Editors' Picks for 4 Home Pieces to Snag this August.

Sweet featured five of my favorite women from the book on their Snapchat channel & website.

The Establishment
I did an interview with The Establishment about how I got the idea for Bad Girls, my process working on the book, and what I hope people gain from reading it.

The Cut
NY Mag's The Cut featured a sneak peek of portraits from Bad Girls Throughout History right before the book came out. 

A Reminder That 'History' is Always Incomplete, an article by Lily Rothman covered Bad Girls Throughout History alongside Hidden Figures.

• Skirting The Rules
I spoke with Meghann Foye at Skirting The Rules, a fantastic new website about inspirational women, about How Breaking the Rules Can Help You Succeed – And Change the World

FIDM Digital Arts Blog
A short & sweet interview with the kind folks at FIDM.

* HelloGiggles
'Bad Girls Throughout History' will give you all the female-powered motivation you need. So excited about this feature on the cutest and smartest place on the internet by the fabulous Marie Lodi!