Shine Bright Like A Diamond


Feels so good to start tackling my pile of personal illustration projects to prep for shows and shop releases this year. First up this week is my favorite look from the Grammy's – Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad. She's just dripping in gems, and I love it. I always love her style, and it's great to witness her evolution.

I'm still working out my daily workflow, and I'm prioritizing time to work on personal projects every day. Haven't quite perfected my schedule, but I'm learning a lot about what works best for me – and of course, I'm asking every one of my freelance/entrepreneurial friends what their daily routines are. Daily rituals are so fascinating to me, and I'm reading a great book about it right now. There are so many articles about how the most successful people are early birds, or that night owls are the most creative; what do you think? What works for you? If you work for yourself, what's your daily routine? My nosy self would love to know!