On Meditation


A week ago, I asked for meditation advice on my IG story. I really want to start a meditation practice to center myself and find inner peace; and to be more in tune with flow, creativity, and the universe. I've been a casual meditator for the past year, using YouTube videos, SoundCloud guides, Oprah & Deepak, even a subscription to Headspace. 

I'd read that you should meditate first thing in the morning, so that's how I approached it. However, it was a major struggle for me, especially during stressful times which is also when I needed it the most. Since I run my own business, I'm pretty much get-up-and-go from the minute I wake up. It was super hard NOT to get into that immediately when I get up, and forcing myself to meditate on the moment for twenty minutes made me kind of hazy on my to-do list (even when it was written down) when it was over or I kept thinking of new things to add. This wasn't working.

At the suggestion of many of you, I started meditating at night, right before bed. I have insomnia (who doesn't after 30), and focusing my mind right before bed has helped. A natural night owl, I also feel more creative and come up with ideas non-stop at night, which is the worst when you're trying to sleep. I've found that meditating before bed has been helpful in corralling those thoughts, even better than the morning. It's a time that I want to think and process and just let ideas flow, and meditation helps center me and feel the thoughts run through freely.

I'm using the Calm app's free trial at the moment, and so far I like it better than Headspace. Headspace really helped me in the beginning, but after awhile it became kind of rote – I'm sure it helps other people, it just didn't work for me in the long run. 

I also read my friend Yumi Sakugawa's book, There's No Right Way to Meditate, which helped me release the guilt and anxiety about meditating a "right way" to get maximum efficiency. 

Here are a few other suggestions that I got and will try out:
+ Oprah and Deepak's 21 Day Meditation Experience, when a new one starts, it's free. I'm going to try this one again and actually complete the 21 day challenge!
+ Transcendental Meditation (which I need to do more research on)
+ Insight Timer
+ Candle meditation (visually focusing on a candle instead of closing your eyes)
+ Take a meditation class

Are you a meditator? Have you tried other things not mentioned here? Tell me about it in the comments!