My Favorite Packaging & Shipping Sources


I've switched my shipping suppliers this year due to some very disturbing news that came to public light about my original supplier, and I wanted to share my new favorite places to get supplies so that you could also make the switch. Sourcing requires a huge amount of time and resources to research and try out different products (in corporations, it's someone's entire job!), so I don't often share my suppliers but I wanted to make it easier in this special case to support and build better businesses and in turn, a better world. It's important to vote with your dollars, especially when you're running a business and you get to make these decisions. Resistance and change starts with small steps, even these.

Here are my favorite packaging & shipping suppliers:

• PaperMart - I get my flat shippers for prints and boxes for pins and larger items from here.

• ClearBags - all my sleeves and backing boards come from here, they also have eco-friendly packaging too that I'll be checking out with my next order!

• Amazon - when I need things in a pinch (Prime shipping!), more hit or miss so read the reviews!

EcoEnclose - this one was recommended to me on IG so I haven't tried them out yet, but I'm switching to more eco-friendly packaging as I move forward with my business in 2018 because I think it's important to be conscientious of the trash we're creating in this world. It's gonna be a major issue if we don't!

RoyalMailers - recommended by my friend Robin of Scotch & Cream

GT Bag - recommended by my friend Liz of Lionheart Prints

Kelly Paper - recommended by my friend Jian of Bearo, I also have gone to Kelly Paper before to pick up plastic sleeves. It's best to go in store, so they're good if you're in a pinch!

Please let me know if you have any favorite shipping/packaging supply places in the comments!