Legendary Ladies Book Cover Reveal!


I'm so excited to finally share today the COVER for my next book, Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You. Published by Chronicle BooksLegendary Ladies features goddesses from major pantheons around the world – their myths, their impacts on our culture, and many ways to worship and work with these powerhouses of feminine divinity. 

I did a lot of research, writing, editing, and diagramming (book writing involves a surprising number of color-coordinated spreadsheets for me) to bring you 50 mythical goddesses that will not only inspire you with their origin stories, but also empower you with their strength, love, and compassion. There will be goddesses to call on for every phase of your life you may need support through; I wanted this book to be a best friend through hard times and good, a guidebook for how to get in touch with the divine feminine within yourself, and an inspiration to flip through. I was also able to get a lot more lush and whimsical with the art in this book, and I cannot wait to share the full thing with you when it comes out next April!

PRE-ORDER the book now here on Amazon, here at Barnes & Noble, or here through IndieBound! Pre-orders are super important to books because it shows the gun-shy retailers that the book will be in demand so they order more and publishers can plan better for the supply demand – and all the pre-orders are counted as sales for the first day the book comes out, which helps boost visibility and REALLY helps your favorite authors. Also most pre-orders are not charged until the day the book comes out (check with the place you're ordering!), so it costs you almost nothing to give the biggest show of support to your favorite artists and authors. Good to know not just for this book, but for any book that brings you joy and excitement!

Book cover designed by Jennifer Tolo Pierce.