Delilah and Her Deep Sea Diver

I've had this idea for an illustration for a really long time now, a story of a mermaid in love with a deep sea diver, and I finally got a chance to paint it out. Some ideas are just demanding to become tangible, and this was definitely one of them. I read Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic earlier this year, and I especially liked the chapter about how ideas don't wait around forever for you and they'll move onto someone else if you don't pay it any attention. So I'm paying attention to all the stories in my head that want to be shared.

This is a love story that spans land and sea. Delilah, an orange and pink coral mermaid, is in love with a Deep Sea Diver, and how can she not be when he brings her a flower while collecting shells for study? He uses any excuse he can to see her, and she's more than happy to award him with a kiss for his chivalry. 

P.S. This image is also available as a print in my shop here.