Ready for Spring

Happy Spring! Here in LA, it already feels well into summer (which is making me dread summer, it can get a bit oven-like on the Eastside), but the blooms flooding the farmer's markets are singing spring. I picked up a bunch of my spring time favorites, lilacs, just this Sunday. 

This sunny springtime pin-up, holding a peony, is marking my 20th pin-up illustration! I lost steam over the past couple weeks, for a number reasons, but a break can always be good. It's good to come back with a fresh perspective. Now I just need to schedule a vacation break...

Here are also a couple exciting things I wanted to share:

1. I did an interview over at the FIDM Digital Arts Blog.

2. April 18 – 20: I'll be sharing a table with my talented husband Ryan Shaw for the first time at WonderCon! I'm so excited, I'm so nervous! I've never been to WonderCon before, so if you have any advice, leave it for me in the comments.

3. May 10 – June 29: I'll be in the Doggie Wonderland show at Leanna Lin's Wonderland Gallery! It's a great cash-and-carry show, where every piece is under $100, and all proceeds go to support dog rescue Ken-Mar Rescue