Netflix Recs For Your Weekend

On weekends, I've been diving deep into the Netflix abyss to find new things to watch instead of watching the same favorites over and over (which by the way, is a sign of creativity as a child – not sure if this applies to adults). Here are two documentaries that we've recently seen that I'd highly recommend:

1. Advanced Style – Born from this chic blog, the documentary chronicles the life, spirit, and most importantly fashion, of the over-60 set. These vivacious women are truly inspirations in proving that life can still be fun and chic in your later years.

2. Mind of a Chef – This actually is a PBS series, and we actually binge-watched Season 1 in a weekend. There are sixteen 22-minute episodes, and each season follows one or two chefs. The first was David Chang of Momofuku fame, and it was fascinating to follow him through gastronomical adventures from ramen to rotten food. He eats with his other renowned food-friends & you get inside the renowned kitchens throughout the world, along with giving some cooking lessons along the way.

Check them out this weekend and let me know if you have any recs for me!